Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh me, oh my

Putting together my portfolio now, both the color grid and b&w rendering are done! We're doing color comps over the break which just seems fun - "easy, breezy, beautiful - get it gurl"

Here is some more sketchbook work and a figure drawing that I've dug up from the depths of my art locker!


  1. That first one is Crazy Beautiful! It reminds me of an old Japanese art sketch mixed with a little bit of more modern art. How big is it? Can we frame it and give it to me as art present for decorating my life? That way, when I go to college I can brag about how talented my sister is. (Who am I kidding, I already do that...)

  2. these are great! the first one reminds me of banksy/stencilling, and the last of mystery solving teens. really like the middle one.