Sunday, May 27, 2012

Speedy Paints

 This week: beautiful weather, celebrating the end of the semester, celebrating friend's graduations, and relaxation! I've also been getting to ride, run, and hike everyday which is the BEST but my poor muscles are pretty out of shape so its also been the most PAINFUL. 

I was also lucky to go painting at a few cafes and the Japanese Friendship gardens this week, but painting with gouache and watercolor is pretty unforgiving so I wasn't too inclined to scan those guys. 

Gonna go keep jammin'! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Megar Semester Post

Wowie Wow! The semester is over, my term as graphic designer is almost over, and my summer position as an  assistant instructor for Galileo Camps begins in two weeks. Its been years since I haven't had a job so I'm taking this opportunity to paint, hike, visit family, and paint some more!

Here's some work from the semester! I'm just gonna post my visual development work, but I also have a digital modeling project that turned out pretty cool.

This is some development work for the Norse goddess, Skadi - she's the inspiration for Hans Christian Anderson's the snow queen and spends most of the year hunting in the snowy mountains

This next project was to develop a science fiction novel. I chose Ursula K Le Guinn's The Lathe of Heaven. Its the story of a man who's dreams change the continuum of reality. I highly recommend it, its a short read but very thought provoking with lots of interesting observations about the nature of the universe and finding balance within it. I chose to develop a sequence where the main character retreats to a cabin in the Oregon woods that he has dreamed for himself. A modest place, it sits in a development with 30 other cabins around a lake. My goal for the project was to develop a modern feel within this alternate continuum. 

That's all for now! Time to paint, draw, and paint some more!

luv bjet