Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cafe Game Wrap Up

So this past Saturday was the wrap up party for Courier Cafe, the video game project I've been working on. I felt super lucky to be part of such an awesome project with awesome, hardworking people. Some of the awesome, hard-working people are still working away, to program the game and get it ready for the world of mobile apps. In the meantime, here's some of the art from my contribution to the project!

 This is a background painting that you'll see in the window of the cafe. Painted flat, but in layers so there'll be some nice parallax as you move through the cafe.
Some color explorations for the game menu you'll see below

The game menu is an ACTUAL CAFE MENU! The final render and a turnaround for modeler reference. 

The logo for the cafe. This was probably the toughest part, with a lot of things I'd like to fix. To get design like this just right requires a lot more noodling and refining than we had time for. 
Some little drawings for the bar shelf.
This project was a blast to work on, and now its time to work on my portfolio and website! Learning a bit about html and coding, and it's real tough! We'll see what happens! 


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Expanding upon my visual language

Dear Blog,

Summer has been rocketing along in a mess of work, friends, art, and the ever-expanding realm of adult responsibilities. Last week I made two experiments in the realm of embroidery, taking advantage of the massive amount of embroidery floss I've acquired in ways mysterious to even me. 

The first project was a birthday present for my dear friend Erica, who has taught me a lot about what it means to be a part of a community and helped me to grow more in sync with the world around me. This one was a free hand design, using the back stitch and a smattering of the french knot stich. 

This second one is the counselor appreciation cape from my work, which I was honored to receive last Friday. Since I was visiting family that weekend, I had a lot of time on public transportation to work on a badge that is a combination of the Tech Museum and Galileo logos. 

I've found embroidering to be a relaxing and meditative exercise. Got to get back to my other projects, though!

Bjet Out