Monday, February 20, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hatoful Artwork

Long time no post. Lately I've been really busy creating my own spin-off of the Japanese dating sim, Hatoful Boyfriend

This time its only pigeons wearing masks of humans wearing fake mustaches. I figure that you gotta just follow your bliss. Do what makes you happy and the money doesn't matter.

In addition to that I'm also creating posters for the SJSU animation/illustration club, here are some from this semester and last:

Last semster I also took my first visual development class, I learned a lot. A LOT. The class focused on implementing the fundamentals and really committing to the footwork of the creative process. Here is some work from that:

our first project, to design a kitchen for a lower-class Mexican family in 1960's Fresno
A free-form project where we adapted a Russian fable about a fox in the kennel. I choose to take mine in the direction of a small agricultural community dealing with corporate interests.
and our final projects, a whimsical character with a food cart:

I'm now in my second semester of Visual Development, my last semester before my capstone class and my last year of college. Now more than ever I feel a need to focus on the basics, practice my painting and push myself creatively. Here are some one hour speed paints from the movie Incendiary. My friend and I recently read the book, which we loved so much we immediately watched the film adaptation. Though a good movie, we found the way they handled Chris Cleave's characters a little disappointing. The book was so compelling because the characters and plot were unapologetic. I did find the movie's color and lighting to be stunning, the pallete easily shifting from subdued to saturated.